Sentopiary is an educational iPad application. It was designed to help elementary and middle school students learn grammar through writing. I was the content developer on this project and worked with a small team: a project lead, a developer, and a graphic designer.

Sentopiary is a fun and simple app for learning grammar through building sentences. Sentopiary has two modes of interaction. In the free-form “create” mode, kids build their own sentences using a dynamic, grammar-based tree structure. In “challenge” mode, students work in the opposite direction, analyzing sentences and figuring out the underlying grammar rules.

Sentopiary was developed for elementary and middle school students and is guided by Common Core standards. It is intended to be used both at home and in classrooms and works well in environments where iPads are shared. Sentopiary has four levels with increasingly complex grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary. Students move between levels at their own pace or as advised by a teacher or parent.

A full version of the app, as well as a lite version, are available in the iTunes store. Learn more about Sentopiary at